Fonda Sala, Restaurant and Inn in Olost



The "savoir-faire"
of rural wild game cuisine

La Fonda — Restaurant Sala is a family establishment in El Lluçanès that, as indicated by its name, offers both restaurant and accommodation services. It is headed by Toni Sala, who together with Aurora Gabasa opened the doors of La Fonda in 1959. Their extensive experience allowed them to open a new space in the 1980’s, El Restaurant: a comfortable, spacious and elegant restaurant in which to offer trendy and innovative meals, without abandoning their renowned "savoir-faire" for rural and wild game cuisine.

History of Fonda Sala

Restaurant Sala follows a careful and meticulous preparation process that has been awarded a Michelin star every year since 1992. The guide of the best restaurants in the world described its cuisine as being "highly delicate". It is an establishment well worth visiting both for its good food and for its iconic location and breath-taking surroundings.

As well as this gastronomic space many people travel from far and wide to visit, Fonda Sala offers other services that help make it such a renowned inn, like its daily menu based on homemade food and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and its room service where you can spend the night and enjoy the tranquillity that can only be found in a town like Olost.

The family

Four decades and two generations filled with passion

La Fonda — Restaurant Sala is a family establishment founded in 1959 by Toni Sala’s parents, placing Olost on the map of world-renowned gastronomy.

Today it is run by Toni Sala, as chef and manager, and his wife Aurora Gabasa, as head waitress, along with the new blood brought in by their sons, Toni Sala (junior) in the kitchen and Sergi Sala in the dining room. All their talents come together to maintain the prestige of a family restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star every year since 1992.


The area

A family establishment in the heart of Olost


Located in the north-western part of the region of Osona, specifically in El Lluçanès, La Fonda — Restaurant Sala is in a quiet wooded area traditionally dedicated to farming. El Lluçanès is a high plateau brimming with personality and surrounded by a well-preserved environment, boasting several areas of natural and architectural interest.

With a history brimming with tales of banditry, witchcraft and Carlism, visitors can find a vast array of routes for learning about local legends and historical characters like the bandit Perot Rocaguinarda (namesake of one of the Restaurant’s gastronomic menus), brigadier Cabrinetty or Napa the Witch.


Land of truffles
and game

Truffles and wild game are the cornerstone of Toni Sala’s cuisine, which he offers in the form of high quality seasonal tasting menus paired with wines from an extensive cellar that will doubtless improve the gastronomic experience. La Fonda — Restaurant Sala offers a varied market-based cuisine using products of the land that surrounds us. El Lluçanès is a land of mushrooms, hunting and good food.

Toni Sala

The wine cellar

Pairings that
awaken the senses

An iconic space right next to the restaurant where you will find the best wines in Spain as well as a large selection of the best wines of many other countries. The wine cellar is an essential part of the restaurant, with more than 700 varieties. It should go without saying that wine, in all its variations, is an almost indispensable part of a meal, complementing and sometimes even enhancing the flavours of each dish.

The wine cellar Pairings that <br>awaken the senses
The wine cellar Pairings that <br>awaken the senses